Friday Five – All the senses blissed out this week

Friday Five – All the senses blissed out this week

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Five…5 things that are bringing me bliss this week!  This one will be quick, as it’s a PD Day today, so my kids are home from school, and we are planning to spend some good quality time together (well, they are planning to play video games…I’m about to be the mean mom and make them turn it off)!

All the senses are blissed out this week…audio book and music for the ears, photo challenge for the eyes, leather smell and feel, and endless coffee for the tastebuds!

1. Danielle Laporte’s White Hot Truth

White Hot Truth – Danielle Laporte

I’ve been following Danielle Laporte for a little while.  I am a fan of her Truth Bombs, that she’s Canadian, and she tells it like it is, no apologies.  Her new book is White Hot Truth – Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path – from one seeker to another.  While the book is not officially released until May 16, 2017, if you pre-order it from select retailers, you can download a copy of the audiobook right away!  You can also join the White Hot Truth Book Club on Facebook, no book required.

I have been listening in the bath, in the car running errands, in the kitchen while I’m cooking.  And I’m finding I want to go back and listen again!  Loads of talking points, thinking points, points that make me laugh or shout out loud “So true!” or “No kidding!”  While I can’t wait to get the book in my hot little hands, listening to Danielle read it out loud, as if directly to me, is some pretty powerful stuff.  Thoroughly enjoying it, and I highly recommend getting your own copy (because I’m not lending mine out for a while!)

2. Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia

Music is something I am finding more and more that brings me bliss.  It can reflect my mood, or change my mood, depending on what I’m listening too.  Spotify is my favourite player…for $10/month, I can search, save, listen and create my own playlists.  “My Zen” for writing in my journal or meditating, “Mellow” for when I’m creating art or want to relax, or “Good Day” for the songs that lift my spirit and make me dance around the house (usually in the bathroom, singing and grooving along).

A group I came across this week, after listening to an interview with Alexis Cohen, for her Art Medicine Masterclass, is Rising Appalachia.  Sisters Leah and Chloe, along with their band, have created music that is soulful, folk, acoustic, rhythmic, with a touch of magic and mystic.  I am instantly in love, and have already save their music to my Spotify playlists.

3. April Love 2017 challenge

April Love 2017 – Susannah Conway

It’s not too late to join in on Susannah Conway‘s photo challenge April Love 2017.  It’s “an invitation to explore self-love, self-care and self-compassion in a community setting”.  There is a Facebook Group you can join, post on Instagram (#AprilLove2017), or post on your own blog (comment with a link below so I can follow along).  You can participate as much or as little as you like.  So far I’ve only missed one day (Day 4. Noon, because night shift=sleep), but I am really enjoying not only capturing and posting my own pictures (check them all out on my Instagram), but seeing everyone else’s interpretations of the same prompts!

4. Chic Sparrow

Last year, I fell down the traveller’s notebook/bullet journalling rabbit hole.  If you’re saying “what?” then I invite you to google, but be forewarned.  There may or may not have been hours (and hours…and hours) lost on multiple Pinterest boards, YouTube videos, and websites visited.  I eventually took the plunge and ordered my very first traveller’s notebook from Chic Sparrow.

And then I ordered another one.  And another.  And another.  There is a support group, and luckily a buy/sell community too.  So I have sold a few of my acquisitions in my search for the perfect, functional, beautiful notebooks that fit me and my needs.  I am now down to just these three, my journal (Wide Creme Black Beauty), my on-the-go notebook (Personal Creme Brulee), and my research/courses/blog planner (Wide Tri-Fold from an older era).

My Chic Sparrow traveller’s notebooks

Although I haven’t compared a lot of traveller’s notebook makers, I absolutely love Chic Sparrow.  Their customer service is second to none, quality and attention to detail is superb.  But the smell and the feel of the leather…divine!  People think I’m weird because I keep sniffing and squeezing my notebooks.  Lol!

…And I might have just ordered another.

5. Waterloo Potters Workshop Spring Sale

For my local fans, the Waterloo Potters’ Workshop semi-annual sale is coming up soon, April 21-23, at the Waterloo Memorial Rec Complex (it goes back and forth between here and Rim Park for the fall sale, so be sure not to mix them up…as I have done in the past).  Over 40 potters display their creations for sale, and there is so many beautiful pieces, it is hard to know where to look first, or to pare down your purchases!  Die-hard fans know to get there early for the best selection.

My favourite mugs were bought at the sale a few years ago, which I use daily for coffee, tea, and this week golden milk!

My favourite pottery mug!

That’s it for me this week!  What’s blissful in your world?  Leave me a comment below!



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