Friday Five – Chinese Food, Disney, Mother, Art and Nasa

Friday Five – Chinese Food, Disney, Mother, Art and Nasa

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Five…5 things that are bringing me bliss this week!  From chinese food to Disney, motherhood and art, there were so many inspiring things to share with you this week!  Enjoy!

1. 126 Chinese Restaurant

My family is always on the hunt for good Chinese food, and I think we have tried every local restaurant over the years.  Yes, I do mean “Canadian” Chinese food, but that is how I was raised.  I can recall fond memories of Christmas eve at the Tien Ho Inn, or neighbour get-togethers at the Waikiki restaurant.  We always had sweet and sour chicken balls, bbq pork fried rice, almond guy ding, and of course, egg rolls.

There have also been adventures over the years…a traditional Szechuan restaurant in Quebec, where we struggled to order from an unfamiliar menu, or a surprising octopus dish in Toronto that I am still haunted by decades later. My tastes have diversified as I’ve grown up, and I now enjoy a bit more spice, or noodle based dishes.  Octopus doesn’t scare me quite as much, although I still can’t bring myself to eat it, even the tentacle-y bits of calamari.

Last Saturday my father suggested ordering in Chinese, and so began the hunt for which restaurant we would try.  I recalled seeing 126 Chinese Restaurant in my Facebook feed, and a friend had raved about it, so I suggested we try it.  A quick 15 min drive to pick up our order, although I have heard that delivery is quick and reliable too.  While the restaurant doesn’t have great curb appeal, the close proximity to hotels, motels and nearby expressway makes it appealing for take-out.

I was warmly greeted when I entered the restaurant, and while paying for my order, she asked how I was enjoying the beautiful weather.  A nice touch, when it seems I’m encountering less and less “service” lately.  We ordered our traditional fare, plus beef and broccoli, and the house lo mein (for me, the only spice lover in the house). Even after stopping on the way home for McDonald’s for the boys (I know, but I’m still working on their Chinese palate), the food was still piping hot.  Veggies were all fresh and crunchy, and the flavour was spot on for our “Canadian” tastebuds.

The spread
Beef with Broccoli
Chicken with Vegetables and Almonds
Chicken Balls, large chunks of chicken, not overwhelmed with batter
BBQ Pork Fried Rice
House Lo Mein, shrimp, chicken, pork, and not too spicy

I think we have found our new go-to for Chinese take-out!  Give 126 Chinese Restaurant a try and let me know if you agree!

2. Disney Vacation Planning


Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2014

I’m dreaming a little bit this week, although I have no current vacation plans, so it’s a bit bittersweet.  But I’m also breathing a sigh of relief, as the 2017 Free Dining promotion was announced, and I am not a part of it this time!

In a former life, I moonlighted as a travel agent specializing in Disney vacation planning. While I thoroughly enjoyed helping my clients plan their vacations, educating them on the best ways to tour the vast expanse that is Walt Disney World, or sail the high seas on Disney Cruise Line, I did eventually have to give it up.  Being a single mom with a full-time job elsewhere, priorities reigned supreme.  Promotion time for Disney means hours spent on the phone to adjust client bookings.  Tireless travel agents from all over go the extra mile to get this deal for their clients.

One such agent is Cindy Dennis at Pure Magic Vacations.  She has been vacationing at Walt Disney World since she was a child, and now with her own family.  I had the privilege of calling her my client on more than one of her Disney vacations!  We have now become friends, and she is the travel agent, helping others plan their vacations!  While she specializes in Disney destinations for Canadian travellers, she also plans vacations to other popular Florida destinations, and beyond!  Her travel and planning experience gives her a great advantage when helping plan everything from transportation and accommodations, to dining reservations and touring plans.  There is never any extra fees for her services, and it can save you countless hours of research and stress!

Thinking about a Disney vacation?  Contact Cindy and she can help you navigate the “World of Disney”, helping you plan the vacation of your dreams!


Facebook: @cindyatpuremagicvacations

3. Mother with Carrie-Anne Moss

Some may know Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, from the famed Matrix movies.  Or more recently from her television work on the series Humans or Jessica Jones.  But where I most intimately know her from is her personal offerings on Annapurna Living, a website designed by her to inspire and uplift women.  I have been an ardent follower since the beginning.  What I have received is so much wisdom and guidance in my own journey as a woman, mother, spiritual seeker.  While most of the offerings are from Carrie herself, she has also gathered a group of other amazing women, all with stories and experiences to share.

One of the best gifts I ever gave myself was enrolling in Mother two years ago, for Mother’s Day of course!  Carrie-Anne Moss has partnered with Natalie Christensen, writer and parenting coach, to deliver this four-week course that “cultivates intimacy, self-discovery and connection” in motherhood.  Words cannot describe how much I gained from the wisdom here.  It has made me a better mother, more patient, understanding, and forgiving, mostly of myself.

I whole-heartedly encourage you to check it out, and join me as I revisit this course, it’s teachings, and all the women of Annapurna Living!  The course is only offered once a year, and starts May 1!

4.  Tim Bengel Art

This showed up on my Facebook feed, and I was in awe.  Watch for yourself and see.

5.  Nasa Free Library

How cool is this?!?!

“NASA officially has launched a new resource to help the public search and download out-of-this-world images, videos and audio files by keyword and metadata searches from The NASA Image and Video Library website consolidates imagery spread across more than 60 collections into one searchable location.

NASA Image and Video Library allows users to search, discover and download a treasure trove of more than 140,000 NASA images, videos and audio files from across the agency’s many missions in aeronautics, astrophysics, Earth science, human spaceflight, and more. Users now can embed content in their own sites and choose from multiple resolutions to download. The website also displays the metadata associated with images.”

Well, that’s it for this week’s Friday Five!  What was blissful in your week?  Let me know!


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