Friday Five – Happy Easter!

Friday Five – Happy Easter!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Five…5 things that are bringing me bliss this week!  It’s the Easter long weekend here for us, and I’m lucky to be off the whole weekend with the boys.  We’re hosting my parents, sisters and all the cousins Sunday morning for Easter brunch and a mini Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

1. Easter Memories

Easter egg “hunt” 2010

Every Easter brings memories of Easter 2010.  The spring weather that year was warm enough for us to have an outdoor egg “hunt”. There’s not a whole lot of landscaping in our little yard, just two skinny trees, so no real hiding places.  Easter morning dawned, and after the excitement of baskets from the bunny we proceeded outside to hunt for eggs.  Right away my little boy exclaimed “I found a egg!”, holding up his prize for everyone to see. A few seconds later “Look, I found ‘nother one!” and “Look, ‘nother one!”.  Louder and faster each time!  Not hard, when the eggs were just scattered across the lawn.  All of the adults were watching from the deck, doubled over, dying with laughter at the cuteness overload.

I can’t wait to do it again with my nieces and nephew this weekend.  Hopefully we’ll get more of the same exclamations and squeals of laughter!  I’m certain there will be lots of chocolate and jelly beans consumed, and I am fully prepared for the sugar coma to come!

2. City Cafe Bakery

City Cafe Bakery

It’s been too long since I’ve visited City Cafe Bakery, so my mama and I decided a trip was in order!  We visited the original cafe at 175 West Av in Kitchener.  There are two other locations at 50 Ottawa St S and 499 Lancaster St W. Unfortunately, the location in Cambridge had to close it’s doors recently, and I’m sure they will be missed.

City Cafe has a very loyal following of regular customers who flock to their locations, some daily, for the fresh baked bread and croissants, or bagels and pizza baked in an open wood-fired oven.

The heart of the operation, the wood-fired oven
Fresh baked bread, bagels, croissants and more in the open cafe

You won’t find a cash register, nor debit or credit card machine.  Cash only, dropped into an old bus fare box, on the honour system, makes take-out quick and easy.  (If you need change, the staff will be glad to help)  Just grab a bagel, slice and pop in the toaster yourself, pour your own coffee, pay for your purchases and you’re on your way!

Cash only honour system

We chose to dine in, slow down and enjoy the coffee (supplied by my favourite Baden Coffee Company). Perfect with buttery, flaky croissants, slathered in cream cheese and raspberry jam, or nutella.  The dining area is small, but cozy, with vintage, quirky decor, and the signature black and white checkered tables.  In warmer weather, there is also bistro style seating out front, and the open windows help make the space feel much more open and airy.  You’ll sometimes find people reading, writing, or just catching up with friends.  The mood is always light, fun and comfortable, the perfect neighbourhood hang-out.

Checkered tables and chairs, and a vintage feel, welcome you to slow down and enjoy!

If you’re local and you haven’t checked out City Cafe Bakery, or if it’s been a while, be sure to stop by soon!  Croissants would be a great addition for Sunday brunch, just sayin’.

3.  Malala Yousafzai

This week, Malala Yousafzai, the human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, became an honorary citizen of Canada. I watched the live broadcast, and have to admit, through joyous tears and laughter, I was very proud to be a Canadian in that moment.

In her address to parliament, she spoke of the heroism of Canadians, our commitment to helping refugees, while our neighbours close their borders.  She challenged Canadians to do more to advance the global rights of women and girls, specifically the right to an education.  This is something I strongly believe in, and it was a good reminder.  It was also a good teaching moment for my boys.

While her speech was incredibly moving and inspiring, she also drew moments of laughter from the house.  Giving thanks for her honorary Canadian citizenship, she noted that she still requires a visa to visit, but that would be a conversation for another time.  She also made mention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his affinity for practicing yoga and tattoos, and that her friends were more interested in his looks, than in her receiving the citizenship!

To learn more about Malala, her work and her vision, and to support this worthwhile endeavour, visit her site here.

4. It’s a Necessity

photo credit Necesse Photography

For over a year, I have been following the blog It’s a Necessity.  Here you’ll meet the Stolz family, Genevieve, Eben and their adorable girls, Arias and Ellia.   They document their adventures living on their sailboat, the Necesse, for the past seven years, cruising around the Caribbean, side trips to exotic destinations, or visiting family in Canada. All this while raising their two beautiful girls and making a living. It’s hard not to live vicariously through their blog posts.  With a knack for writing engaging articles full of travel tips, product reviews, and gorgeous photographs, Genevieve documents their life while inviting readers to dive in and live their own adventures!

While I don’t know them personally, I found myself crying along with them in the latest post, Leaving Our Current Life Behind.  They have sold the beloved Necesse, packed up and boarded a plane, leaving St. Thomas behind.  It wasn’t exactly sudden…a post a year ago listed different ideas they were considering and asked reader’s advice about what they should do next. Yet the overwhelming emotion of actually saying goodbye to Necesse, and leaving the island behind, it seemed to come too soon.

But new adventures are already shaping up for this family!  Currently riding the waves kiteboarding in El Cuyo, Mexico, they are off to explore more of this world.  Who knows where they will end up next, but I will be eagerly following along from my laptop here at home!  You can find them on Facebook, and Instagram in between blog posts.

 5. The Fate of the Furious

Yes, we just returned from seeing The Fate of the Furious, the eighth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise.  I could use the excuse that I am the mom of true “boy’s boys”, the kind that love action/adventure, fast cars and blowing stuff up.  But truth be told, I am a big fan of the movies myself.  And really, who can argue watching Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Jason Statham all in the same movie??  These are 3 of my top 10 favourite hotties!!

From the previews, we all knew it would have to be something big to make Dom turn on his family to work for bad guy Cypher (played by Charlize Theron, who is a serious bad-ass in this role btw!!!), and it did not disappoint.  The best part in my opinion though? Dame Helen Mirren. ‘Nuff said.

Reviews from my boys?  A solid 8/10.  Not the best of the franchise, but still thoroughly enjoyable.  It’s not hard to please these two though.  Fast cars, a few laughs, explosions and popcorn, and you can count them in every time.

Well, that’s it for this week’s edition of the Friday Five!  From our house to yours, we wish you a Happy Easter!  Hope you are enjoying the long weekend with friends and family!

What was blissful in your world this week?  Leave a comment below!



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