Friday Five – Mindfulness, Frappuccinos, Sunflowers, Baby Groot and Nugget Boy!

Friday Five – Mindfulness, Frappuccinos, Sunflowers, Baby Groot and Nugget Boy!

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Five…5 things that are bringing me bliss this week!  This week I’ve got some bliss from around town, around the web, and as far away as Hawaii!

1. The Nourished Life

It’s inspiring when you can connect with like-minded, soulful people, who live life to the fullest, finding that balance between being a parent, and working or running their own business.  A perfect example is Angela Higgins, founder of The Nourished Life.  I’ve been a client of design, nutrition and reiki, but now I am blessed to call her friend!

Angela recently launched her brand new gorgeous website, The Nourished Life.  Combining her background in interior design, Feng Shui, nutrition, mindfulness and reiki, Angela offers complete coaching to help you live a healthier life…mind, body and home!  One of her current offerings is Mindful Kids, available now in Waterloo, with plans to expand in Kitchener and Cambridge.  You could even host one in your own home!

Contact Angela for all the details!  Check out the new website, her blog, where she shares tips, recipes, and more, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2. Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino

No, it isn’t a rumour, or a figment of your imagination.  It’s real. Fleetingly.

According to Starbucks, “The Unicorn Frappuccino® Blended Beverage is a colour-changing, flavour-changing, sweet and pleasantly sour spectacle, here for just five days: now through April 23.”

In the name of the blog, I had to try it.  It looked like so much fun (albeit a sugar-induced coma just looking at it)!  Timing was good, as I was planning to spend some reading time at my local Chapters/Starbucks while the boy was at cadets.  I was forewarned in the afternoon that it might not be as sparkly and sugar laden as advertised.  My mama messaged me a pic of hers, with #trenchmouth.  Inside joke in my family, but point taken.

Arriving at Gateway Starbucks, there was a pretty decent line-up of people, and upon closer inspection, a line-up of cups waiting for unicorn fraps to be made.  A good sign??  When my order was ready, I held up my cup and asked the barista how things had been and how many of these she had already made today.  Her answer, “I’ve only been here an hour, but it’s been A LOT!”  I get the distinct impression the smile might have been a little forced.

Here is my tall unicorn frappuccino, lactose free, with whip (because…whipped cream)

I thought it was a pretty good approximation to the media photos, especially considering how many they were churning out!

So, verdict?  A bit of disappointment.  I expected more flavour from the purple sweet cream base, more along the line of the cotton candy frap from a few years back.  A little further in, and the blue drizzle started to mix in, the drink got overwhelmingly sour.  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who thought this, as evidence from the puckered expressions all around me.

You have to applaud Starbucks marketing on this one though.  For something that likely isn’t going to be added to the menu, nor likely to be ordered a second time, advertising it for a limited time (plus the deluge on social media) made for some pretty long lines and myriad of orders on an otherwise unremarkable Thursday in spring.  Kudos to you Starbucks!

It was a fun and colourful adventure.  And come on, unicorns, so there’s that.

3. Sunflowers on Maui

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a slight obsession with all things Hawaii.  And because I can’t visit as often as I would like, I tend to feed my obsession with social media and Hawaii based blogs.  Lately my Facebook and Instagram feeds have been popping up with sunflowers on Maui, like this one from A Maui Blog.

Now, I don’t recall seeing huge fields of sunflowers on my last visit, so some further investigation was required.

Turns out, this field in Maui’s central valley is the work of Pacific Biodiesel.  The 115-acre area is the largest biofuel crop project on Hawaii, on land formerly used for sugar cane production, an industry that shut down production on Maui last year. While there has been big job losses, the huge smoke clouds from cane burning won’t be missed!  It’s nice to see something bright and cheery in it’s place!

If you want more of the science and technology behind it, you can find all the details here. Lots of people are sharing their own pics of the sunflower fields.  A quick search of the web using #mauisunflowers, and you’ll find some amazing shots! What a great way to bring a sunny pocket of bliss to the world!

I miss the sugar cane and pineapples and all, but these sunflowers are way more photogenic. #mauisunflowers

A post shared by Todd Kawasaki (@kawasakiphotography) on

4. Groot Dance Bomb

Guardians of the Galaxy is one movie the boys and I watch over and over and over again.  The soundtrack is on all our devices, and there is spontaneous dance parties in the living room on occasion.  Let me tell you, we are stoked for GG Volume 2!!

So when I happened upon this…

…I am already planning our own video!!  Baby Groot and all!!!

Marvel and Disney are teaming up to do some goodwill, or Groot-will.  For every like or share of this Groot Dance Bomb video between now and May 5, they will make a donation to plant a tree!  Up to 250,000 trees! Better yet, make your own video and post it with the hash tag #GrootDancebomb, and they will donate too!

Watch my Facebook page for our #GrootDancebomb video, coming soon!  And don’t forget to check out Guardians of the Galaxy 2 when it hits theatres on May 5!

5. Nugget Boy

I’ve been following this crazy story for a while now, just because it’s so much fun!  16-yr old Carter Wilkerson from Reno, Nevada decided to ask Wendy’s on twitter, how many retweets would it take for him to get a year’s supply of chicken nuggets.  Wendy’s reply?  18 million.  Apparently, challenge accepted, and Carter is already up to 3.2 million retweets!

But not so fast, Carter! Ellen DeGeneres is the current record holder for retweets, with the famous Oscar selfie pic.  And she ain’t having some nugget boy take her record away!

But leave it to Ellen to find a solution…help a kid out on his nugget quest, while maintaining her record, and bringing smiles to ever more of the world!

So that’s it for me this week!  What was blissful in your week?  I would love to know! Leave a comment below!

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