Welcome home!

Welcome home!

Bliss in a September blue sky

Welcome home!

That sentiment evokes such a feeling of bliss for me, as I’m sure it can for so many.  Hearing your family saying it, as you step in the door from a long day at work.  Breathing a sigh, suitcases in hand from a vacation, or any time away, be it brief or a lifetime.  That feeling when you’re handed the keys to your first place, all your own.  A friendly greeting from a seemingly familiar face when you’ve finally found your “tribe”.

Bliss On a September day

It was a rainy day (which I always pronounce with somewhat of a British accent, akin to the Pizzaville commercial).  I was sitting on the deck, listening to the drizzle of the rain on the awning overhead. Soft sounds of music in the backgroud, a playlist of songs by Makana, on my iPhone.  Alternating between writing, and staring  at the sky, I watched in the distance as the late afternoon sun began to slowly peek through the clouds, with those beautiful golden rays.  The smell of the rain, the earth, the leaves on the trees, the tiniest hints of impending autumn, not quite here yet.

And there it was, in that moment.  “This is happy, right here,” I thought.  “A little pocket of bliss, in an otherwise crazy, complicated life.”

Hmm…what a great name for a blog.  Little Pockets of Bliss.

I could just keep writing, online in addition to pen and paper. Nothing extraordinary.  Just sharing my thoughts and musings, as a way to keep myself accountable, to keep going, to just do it.  And maybe in the doing, in the sharing, I will create a place, a tribe, a home, where I’m not the only one in search of those fleeting moments, the happy, the Little Pockets of Bliss.

So here it is, this first little blog post.  Welcome to my home.  Pull up a chair, bring a cup of coffee or a steaming mug of tea (or a glass of red or white…I don’t judge!) open your journal, put pen in hand.  Take a deep breath, stare at the clouds in the September blue sky.

As is tradition in my family, when a new baby is born, we say…Welcome to the world, Little Pockets of Bliss!

Where is your Little Pocket of Bliss today?


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